“Maybe I’ll be guilty in the end…”.

The words of Sérgio Conceição, coach of FC Porto, at the press conference to watch the reception of Santa Clara, which is scheduled for 8:30 pm on Saturday and count the 28th part of the Bwin League.

After a decent win, Santa Clara follows. Who are you expecting to challenge? “We are waiting for a successful game, it is a team that is in dire need of points to try to stay in the First League. Since the new coach has taken technical skills, it is important to understand that he will be able to show himself here as a team, his strengths. This is our concern for the game, obviously we always look at it” children what we have to do, but to recognize what the opponents do, that’s what we do with everyone, not knowing the way the opponent can be found, that’s why I say that we always have to worry about ourselves more than the opponent.”

Does Vitória na Luz strengthen hope in reasserting the title? “I said that it’s not the wins and the results of the weekend that will give us more or less confidence, which comes from our good work every day. Winning points in a race that always goes ahead of us. Good, we’ve lost a little bit to get to the first place and we have to continue our way. The three points we won in Luz are as important as the three points tomorrow against Santa Clara. game and to have the result we want . Victory.”

Portugal lost sixth place to the Netherlands. Why and what will be the consequences? “The financial consequences are clear. We all have to help Portugal rise to the top. We have done our part, like FC Porto. From a sporting and economic point of view, it is very important for us. time, but that’s not all. I want, the goal is Santa Clara.”

Should there be greater care in the selection of judges? “I think that when we go to the end of the competition, the game becomes more important, it has a bigger role. All the mistakes and all the points lost can be confirmed, which are clear and obvious, there is no doubt. I think that everyone who takes part in this game should do everything that they can. We, the coaches, the players, the technicians and the departments are all fine and what we want is for everyone to be fine. I have already complained. from APAF saying at the end of the game that the intervention of VAR in the game was good, but it was always the case that in the situation similar and similar. ‘we have to go into detail and talk about this or that. It is clear that there were mistakes in the past. The VAR tool is important, but there are several people behind the VAR. If the process is the same for another mistake. , Well. You can be wrong, since I make mistakes in creating a team and defining the game plan. We all make mistakes. What I think is that there cannot be two weights and two measures. Part from that. Finally, it is important for them to be successful, to do their best in their work. “

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