Messages of 10,000 characters make it on Twitter. Bold and italic too – Internet

After offering the 4,000-character tweets to paid Blue subscribers last February, Twitter has now announced that publications on the social network now support up to 10,000 characters. At the same time, the possibility of format text in italics and bold.

The announcement comes at a time when Elon Musk is committed to doing so promote the paid version of the serviceseen as one of the best opportunities on the platform to make money.

Among the most recent novelties are the new deadline to continue using the blue badge of authenticity on a Twitter account without a Blue subscriptionafter the originally advanced date was not met.

At the end of last year, when the paid version of the service was generalized, company has started making this verification of authenticity dependent on subscribing to a paid plan. However, the blue seal that until then served to identify the authenticity of an account, even without any accompanying payment, has for some time been associated with the accounts that used it.

Elon Musk, CEO and owner of the platform, announced this as of last April 1, only paid accounts will continue to retain that point, but the date has not been confirmed. In a publication on Twitter, the multimillionaire now advances April 20, as the date from which only paid accounts will hold the seal of authenticity.

A few weeks ago, the company also announced this will stop recommending unverified accounts via the For You feature. The measure was announced as scheduled for April 15.

It was a controversial topic, with several companies and reference media that refuse to subscribe to a paid version of the social network (Twitter Blue), to be entitled to a verified account.

In countries like Portugal, which have the Euro as their currency, the monthly fee for Twitter Blue is 11 euros, for those who use the social network in the mobile version. For those who access the platform via the browser, the monthly fee is 8 euros. There is also the option to pay an annual fee: 84 euros for the web version and 114.99 euros for the mobile version.

By Twitter Blue, subscribers can access exclusive features, such as the possibility to have a blue verification “badge”, edit publications, publish videos with a duration of up to 1 hourwith a maximum size of 2GB and resolution of 1080p.

They are now able to do too tweets with up to 10,000 charactersjust like the format text in italics and bold.

The Blue service also supports other extras for corporate and government customers, which are now identified with different colored stamps, for a more effective differentiation of the type of user they represent.

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