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After being approved by the Cabinet, Dr More housing bills i went Assembly of the Republic Last Friday, April 14. Therefore, the aim is to increase the debate on the diploma in Parliament Housing offers in PortugalThrough measures such as simplification of licences, compulsory leases, termination or limitation of golden visas raise the rent

It was March 30, 2023, that is Cabinet Mais Habitação has approved three diplomas that integrate the new system of the program, presenting some of the innovations that emerged from public discussions. Remember, on March 16, the government had already given the green light Support for housing loans and rent For this assistance to reach families in “fast” cases.

The legislative proposal approved by the Council of Ministers, therefore, integrates all measures More housing, excluding support for families, simplification of licensing and land use conversion laws. These are some of the measures that are now being discussed in Parliament and are part of Draft Law No. 71/XV/1st:

  • Forced lease of vacant houses to sublease;
  • Termination of Golden Visa;
  • rent control in new lease agreements;
  • New hire support: Applications are open all year round at Porta Jovem 65; Creating Porta 65+ to reduce revenue; Older laces provide greater protection;
  • Transfer from Local Accommodation (AL) to LeasingWith moratorium on new AL licenses till 2030, tax incentives for relocation (property income tax exemption till 2030) and 20% additional fee;
  • Improve landlord confidence: State pays rent arrears after three months of default.
  • New Private Affordable Leasing Schemewhich includes transfer of public property, subsidized financing line of 250 million euros, fixed rent and tax incentives (exemption from VAT, IMI, IMT, AIMI and stamp tax and 6% VAT);
  • The new generation of cooperatives Including transfer of surface rights and state property with subsidized financing (250 million euros).
  • Rent tax reduction: Reduction of IRS rate from 28% to 25% on rent, exemption from IRS and IMI for construction of affordable housing, exemption from capital gains on sale of property to pay off debt and on sale of property to the state.

It is important to remember that after the discussion Assembly of the Republic The diploma will be able to go to Belem so that the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, can evaluate and decide whether to approve, veto or send the final project to the Constitutional Court, if it raises doubts.

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