Mortgage interest rates: “Consumers feeling cheated, misled”

It’s already working state standard to help those who have seen interest rates on mortgages increase. But, contrary to what was heard at the beginning, it is known that after all the support of 720 euros will be given to those who have money. Efforts to own more than 35%. For Natália Nunes from DECO, “consumers feel cheated, misled”.

“The results are very strong. The amount of effort, after all, is [considerada] unless it is based on providing a mortgage. This is different from what happened in November 2022 when the test was created with all the roles that all families have. “

Seeing the deterioration in the cost of housing loans, the Government approved in November a diploma that explains the conditions under which banks must apply to customers for loan renegotiation in order to avoid situations of dishonesty. These measures are valid from November 26, 2022 until the end of 2023.

“The government hoped that many families would be helped (…) and this is when it became clear that the measures are very strong”, he complained.

Natália Nunes also emphasizes that this interest rate is not enough: amount of € 720 per year, “It helps, but it may not be enough for families who are facing a lot of problems.”

What can consumers do?

Families can try to renegotiate their debt so they don’t end up in an unstable situation, warns Natália Nunes.

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