“My first choice is Eric Ten Witches”

Former Nice sporting director Julien Fournier, who launched the recent racism and discrimination allegations against Galtier, has revealed that his first choice for 2021 is not the Frenchman but the current Manchester United boss.

Former Nice sporting director Julien Fournier, responsible for recent Christophe Galtier allegations of racism and discrimination, revealed on Monday that the Frenchman was not his first choice for the new team manager in 2021. It was Eric ten Haag who coached Manchester United. .

In a statement on the 90 Football portal, recorded before the scandal about the current PSG coach became public, the manager revealed he had several conversations with the Dutch coach, with the final decision falling to Galtier, who has made four appearances at the club. Lille’s season.

“Before Christophe Galtier, my first choice was Erik ten Hag. We met four times. After that it was a working meeting. When I went to meet the coach, I thought he was a bit interested and I usually gave him three or four good games. We’ve played home and away, three or four bad games home and away, let him see it so we can interrogate them and see what they think of the team. Hire them when I see the coach’s intentions, They’re working all afternoon, not just on the phone or in an hour-long meeting at the hotel,” he explains.

Fournier also took advantage of the conversation to chat about his personality, admitting he has a very conflict-prone way of working, although he mentioned that all the coaches he has chosen have his unconditional support.

“It’s not always easy to work with me because I can have my own personality. But it’s easy in a sense because the coach is the owner of the team and I’m here to support him. I’m bored, but I Very invested in choosing the coaches but when we choose it it’s carte blanche on site. That’s why I work a lot with them beforehand because I think in normal circumstances if the program is well explained and shared, No more surprises,” he added.

Fournier recently accused Galtier of saying in 2021 that the Nice team could not “have so many blacks and Muslims” because it “doesn’t meet the requirements of the city or the people,” as recalled.

In response, the technician, who has received thousands of anonymous death threats, leading PSG to hire private security to protect him, has vehemently denied the allegations through his lawyer, who has assured him he will lodge a complaint.

The case has already led to searches of the Nice grounds by French authorities and it is unclear whether any incriminating evidence against the Parisian coach has been found.

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