Mysterious car photo reveals the most affordable new Tesla Model 3?

Tesla will prepare the launch of a more affordable electric car, which should be launched in the second half of the year. In the past, images of a camouflaged model have already appeared, but the image released now is much more revealing.

It was on the Tesla subreddit that a photo of a half-uncovered car was shared and what is presented as the possible new Tesla Model 3 that could be launched later this year at a more affordable price, around 25 thousand euros.

This new image shows a car with a different design than the model that was already seen completely camouflaged at the end of February, circulating on the streets of China.

Tesla electric car Model 2 price

Image of an alleged camouflaged Tesla car circulating in China.

In fact, the name Model 3 appears only as a reference to the already known model, but Tesla should introduce this more accessible car with another associated name, who knows Model 2.

This new image shared now reveals the front of a car and part of its side, with no visible markings, but titled Model 3 refreshthat is, an upgrade from Model 3.

share in subreddit r/teslacars - Model 3 refreshed

In the comments, when asked if the photo is real or fake, the answer is that no one knows. And also the source of part of it is unknown. If this is a true thesis, that the photo refers to the new updated Model 3, some differences with the original model are already visible, namely in the headlights. The bonnet area maintains a curvature similar to what is already known.

It is expected that in the second half of the year, Tesla will offer an electric and autonomous car at a more affordable price than the models currently available, with a price of around 25 thousand euros.

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