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And Govt Want to apply a brake Local accommodation (AL), is proceeding with measures in this sense in the programme More housing – It will be up to the municipality to assess whether to proceed with the new license suspension. The truth is that in less than two months, since February 16, when the executive announced restrictions on house rentals for tourism purposes, new registrations have skyrocketed: 5,390 were made in Portugal, more than double the 2,090 recorded in the same period. Last year period.

According to Jornal de Negócios, which is based on data from the National Register of Local Accommodation (RNAL), the number of new registrations is even (and much) higher than what happened during this period. Pre-pandemicThat is, 2,064 new units were registered during the same period in almost two months of 2019.

a wave New record Which happens just a few days before new rules related to LA operations come into effect, including payment plans, for example, a new extraordinary contribution by owners of LA spaces.

By region, highlight faro, which saw 2,482 new registrations in nearly two months between February 16 and the week beginning April 10. District Lisboa, one of the areas most affected by containment, has more than 665 units, 96 of which are in the Lisbon municipality. Porto has already registered 323 AL, 50 more than the same period last year.

package More housing Approved by the government, for example, the possibility of suspending new licenses, expiring after five years or terminating licenses issued without the condominium’s approval.

Implementation of the new rules will occur only at the end of the enactment and without interruption. previousSo potential entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to submit their requests for new registrations, while the regime is not more stringent, the publication writes.

Measures approved in Mais Habitação regarding AL include:

  • Issuance of New license AL will be suspended until 2030, but only in high-density areas or where there is a shortage of housing. A ban will only apply to integrated apartments and hostels within the autonomous fraction;
  • A new system duration For non-active AL licenses;
  • This will reduce the outstanding contribution of A.League 20% (instead of 35%).

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