No, Microsoft does not optimize Windows 11 for the Steam Deck

At this point it is already possible to install Windows 11 on the Steam Deck. However, the user experience is not great. It works, but it’s not properly optimized.

This is where this Hackathon project took place in September 2022 at Microsoft. This video started circulating on Twitter yesterday and quickly generated headlines suggesting that Microsoft is currently working on a Windows 11 portable mode for the Steam Deck.

In reality, it is not quite so.

the news of The Edgeclaiming that Microsoft is testing a portable Windows mode for Deck found its way to Reddit and elicited a response from the project’s author.

“I started this hackathon project and it went nowhere,” the author said in the Reddit. “But this article uses words to suggest that it is in development.”

“The problem was that we didn’t have the right engineers to do a lot of what we wanted to do in the short time of the hackathon. Maybe this weird article can help me re-introduce it to Microsoft.”

“Phil Spencer was nice and tried to direct me to some people who might be able to help, but everyone was busy at the time.”

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