“No one can stop Brazil from improving its relations with China.” Together with Xi Jinping, Lula da Silva addressed the world

The two countries want to expand relations beyond trade.

The presidents of China and Brazil signed this Friday 15 agreements related to communications, economy or the space industry. An announcement which, in conjunction with Lula da Silva’s visit to Beijing, seems to bring the two countries together.

It was Xi Jinping himself who said that “China puts relations with Brazil in the first place in foreign relations. [Lula da Silva] he is a best friend and best friend. It was thanks to your support that China-Brazil relations have achieved great success”.

This after the interregnum in which the relationship between the two countries stabilized, the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency. The Chinese president said he is “happy to see [Lula da Silva] he recovered”, indicating that the visit of his Brazilian counterpart to China is one of the first since he took office.

The meeting that takes place at a time when tensions are growing between China and the United States, and with the war in Ukraine behind, and with Beijing’s approach to Moscow.

The trip that, according to Lula da Silva himself, serves “to tell the world that we are not biased in our relationship with the Chinese”, people who want to “work more with them” so that the relationship is destroyed more than trade. . Maybe that’s why the welcome ceremony was done with Brazilian Portuguese music (sounds of Ivan Lins’s “Novo Tempo”) and children showing the flags of both countries.

“No one can prevent Brazil from improving its relations with China”, he repeated, leaving a clear message to the United States, which remains sensitive to the international movements of various important players.

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