Pichardo Setubal honored by Olympic Committee (with photo)

03 ES JM 14-04-2023

Pichardo Setubal honored by Olympic Committee (with photo)

Setubal, April 14 (DICI)- Pedro Pina, councilor of the city council’s sports council, said today that Setúbal always has an open door for Olympic champion Pedro Pablo Pichardo and hopes to obtain the world and Olympic records for the triple jump.

The mayor was speaking at a ceremony at the Municipal Athletics Complex in Setubal, where Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP) President José Manuel Constantino presented the athlete with an artwork in recognition of the Olympic title. Achieved with a jump of 17.98 meters at the Athens 2020 Games, August 5, 2021.

Telmo Guerra’s artistic piece, a wooden door with the figure of Pedro Picardo carved on one side and a message on the other, will be temporarily exposed at the entrance to the Municipal Athletics Complex of Setúbal, where the Olympic, World and European triple jump takes place all its preparations.

“Doors mark certain symbolisms in human life. Setúbal opened the door for Pedro Picardo and his family, and the door never closes, it’s always open.”Councilor Pedro Pina instructed.

In addition to the triplist image, the door – Carlos López, Rosa Motta, Fernanda Ribeiro, Nelson Evora and Pedro Picardo, who became Olympic champions for Portugal – is one of five given to the artist by the COP to honor athletes. Olympic title date and symbol, as well as the bib number used in Tokyo, 3239.

Pointing to the 17.98 meters he entered, Pedro Pina expressed hope that another door would be opened in the future with the registration of further world and Olympic records. “Your success is the success of the country and Setubal”He concluded, addressing the athletes.

Jose Manuel Constantino said that work means money “A sense of gratitude and recognitionCOP’s for what Pichardo did “For the national game and for Portugal”.

The President of the Olympic Organization also recognized “Sports and Social Roles” of the Setubal City Council regarding the support given to the Pichardo family, where he also thanked Portugal for choosing “To survive and develop your child’s sporting activity at the highest level”.

Pedro Pablo Pichardo thanked the City Council and the COP “For Basic Support” And for his work, the artist from Covilhã Telmo Guerra asserts himself “very happy” to get it

Diana Gomes, president of the Olympic Athletes’ Commission, recalled a door “means the opening of new paths” and predicted new success for Pichardo. “You will continue on this path because you have much to bring us.”

The Sport Lisboa e Benfica athlete reached a career high with a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics on August 5, 2021, and in the summer of 2022 he confirmed his dominance in the international triple jump by winning the world title. The championships are held in Eugene, USA and the European Championships are held in Munich, Germany.

In the indoor track variant, Pedro Pablo Pichardo was the European Champion in Torun, Poland and Istanbul in Turkey in 2021 and 2023 respectively. In between, he became the world runner-up in 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

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