Porto offers an unprecedented immersive experience about Van Gogh

Inner turmoil, gesture, color, sensibility and a misunderstood, tormented human genius ahead of its time.”Living Van Gogh”, an initiative of the creative studio OCUBO and the first fully immersive show dedicated to Vincent van Gogh in Portugal, allows you to dive into the heart of his most famous work and see the world through his eyes, getting inside his skin. The light of his experience within.

The preview of “Living Van Gogh” will take place on May 3, at 7 pm, at the Immersive Gallery Porto, celebrating the post-impressionist painter in all his dimensions and inviting you to experience with all your senses, his work, his journey. and his inner conflict. The initiative has the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Portugal and the City Council of Porto.

The journey begins with “Immersive Van Gogh”, the world’s largest multimedia show dedicated to Van Gogh, in its absolute premiere in Portugal, where visitors are touched and completely immersed by the powerful colors, dots and sculptural brushstrokes of more than 150 paintings. By Dutch artist. The impressive vaults of Furnas da Alfândega do Porto become a 360º three-dimensional screen where 90 million image pixels and 60,600 video frames will be projected, in a journey of art and sound speed through one of humanity’s greatest artistic legacies.

With the signature of the Italian visual artist Massimiliano Cicardi, a world pioneer in the development of immersive experiences, in collaboration with the script of Vittorio Guidotti and Luca Longobardi, who also composed the soundtrack, “Immersive Van Gogh” arrives exclusively in Porto at the Immersive Gallery, after receiving more than 5 million visitors in North America, where it Sold out cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

After that first moment, six original interactive and collaborative creations by OCUBO Studio followed, through which the public gradually entered Van Gogh’s skin, into the turmoil of his mind and into the center of his emotions. An example of this is the poignant “Symphony of Sunflowers”, a symbiosis of music, giant sculptures and light effects that begins with the symbol of the sunflower for Van Gogh and the recitation of the poem “Last Letter from Van Gogh to Theo”. Al Barto to create a particularly reflective moment about the end of your life.

Segundo Eduardo Canesa, Executive Producer of Immersive Gallery, “This exhibition is a perfect celebration of Vincent van Gogh’s legacy and a challenge to discover art in the digital age. We believe that through this artistic multimedia recreation, which combines physical and digital environments in an innovative, thoughtful and intentional way, it is possible to reach new levels of depth and emotional connection with one of the greatest masters of painting and to promote taste and curiosity. for his work among an ever-expanding audience

In agreement with Massimiliano Siccardi, “Immersive Van Gogh arose out of a desire to develop an experience more dedicated to Vincent than to Van Gogh, allowing us to experience his way of seeing the world, while simultaneously experiencing all its solitude and majesty. The concept is therefore very clear: we see what Vincent sees, we live his experiences, and we are Vincent before he dies. In Living Van Gogh we go further, adding new levels of emotion to a show that focuses on discovering and fully understanding the man behind the work in all its complexity.

“Living Van Gogh” is an immersive gallery show under the creative direction of Nuno Maya, from OCUBO Studio, and directed by Massimiliano Cicardi. The show opens to the public on May 4, with sessions every half hour from 2pm to 6:30pm. Tickets cost between €10 and €14, with free entry for children under 3, and can be purchased through the platform WWW.PORTUGALAGENDA.COM. Between May 4 and 7, entries will cost €10 a single

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