Portugal imports lifeguards from Brazil and Argentina to patrol the beaches

Due to the lack of such professional security for bathing, the Portuguese pay imported lifeguards up to 70 euros per day.

Apart from what they call “lifeguards” to protect the bathing population on the upcoming holidays, Portugal has decided to ‘import’ them from Brazil and Argentina. You will earn more than 70 euros per day

There is a shortage of lifeguards on Portuguese beaches and due to the shortage, Brazilian and Argentinian professionals will be used to ensure surveillance of the Algarve’s beaches.

The situation is due to the fact that most lifeguards are students, and that class only ends in June. This is why more than 100 Brazilians and Argentines will be ‘imported’ to Portimão to monitor the region’s beaches.

These professionals will receive 70 euros per day plus VAT, which means a gross salary of more than two thousand euros.

Even with this reinforcement, the professionals will not arrive in time for the next long weekend, which coincides with the April 25 holiday, when the beaches will still be unprotected.

The Maritime Authority, announcing that while the Brazilians and Argentines did not arrive, it was limited to the use of all-terrain vehicles and 4-wheelers for trips to Bali, as well as the use of lifeguard-trained seafarers.

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