Prices are falling again and in Portugal a Tesla already costs less than 40 thousand euros

After Tesla lowered prices in the American market, and also adjusted the values ​​for the Chinese market, the remaining countries began to receive the tables with the discount. With 5,000 euros less on the entry-level Model 3, Elon Musk’s brand is getting ready to start doing damage!

Tesla Model 3 goes from €44,990 to €39,990

The automotive industry is in a state of turmoil. If more expensive money is driving up prices on some models, Tesla's electric cars are headed in the opposite direction. This year, the American electric brand has already changed prices at least 3 times. The company lowered the price in mid-January the cheapest versions of Model 3 and Model Y. Then, in March, he moved again, but now in the Model S and Model Y. Finally, we are in April and the Model 3 receives a new quote with a significant drop.

According to information, all models will benefit from a reduction. However, the rear-wheel drive Model 3 stands out, which reduced the price by five thousand euros.

Image price of trams in Portugal

According to we can see it on the brand's websitethis model costs now 39,990 euros.

  • Model 3 (one engine and rear wheel drive) – €39,990;
  • Model 3 Long Range (two engines and four-wheel drive) - €48,990;
  • Model 3 Performance - 53,990 €.

This price reduction can be related to two important aspects. On the one hand, the new version of the Model 3 that is already being broadcast, even with alleged images shared on the Internet.

On the other hand, the threats of Tesla's direct competitors promising a car at around 25 thousand euros could leave Tesla out of this offer.

E or Model Y?

The entry-level Model Y also suffered a price drop. The entry-level, rear-wheel-drive model now costs €44,909 (the same price as the Model 3 before reductions). Therefore, this electric SUV is now two thousand euros less than before and five thousand euros less than its launch price.

As for the offer, this model has the following prices:

  • Model Y (one engine and rear wheel drive) - €44,990;
  • Model Y Long Range (two engines and four-wheel drive) -53,990 €;
  • Model Y Performance -59.990 €.

Like the Model 3, this electric device received a significant adjustment to its price list.

Tesla Model S and Model X are cheaper

The entire range has undergone a change in values ​​and the offer is becoming very attractive. For example, the Model S's price has been reduced by around 10,000 euros, both in the twin-engine version and even in the four-wheel drive version and the top of the range, the Plaid.

  • Model S (two engines and four-wheel drive) - €106,990;
  • Model S Plaid - 131,990 euros.
  • Model X (two engines and four-wheel drive) - €115,990;
  • Model X Plaid - 135,990 €.

The market for electric cars is becoming more and more interesting. The drop in the price of lithium may also have contributed to this drop in prices. According to pricing agency Benchmark Minerals, since January, the price of lithium has fallen by almost 20%.

A sharp drop that came at a time when sales of electric cars were growing. oh cobalt, another important material in many batteries, has more than halved.

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