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Having its most modern and efficient tram in the Megane E-Tech, Renault is the first company to use a special platform for battery vehicles, thus maximizing the potential of this technology, it seems to be in the process of making some adjustments. in the range. At least this is the possible result of the disappearance of the cheapest version of the electric Megane from the configurator in Spain, one of the largest markets in Europe, where the French brand is strong, rather, it is equipped with a smaller (40 kW / h) and 131 hp (96 kW) engine .

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It was explained by the fact that the entry-level version of the series, called Equilibre, offered in that market for 36,600 euros (36,750 euros in Portugal) was not available in Spain. decrease in demand The vast majority of customers were on target, with a preference for the Megane E-Tech with its 60 kWh battery and 218 horsepower (160 kW) engine. Users of this type of vehicles were attracted by greater autonomy, 450 km of charging instead of 300 km and faster charging time (130 kW instead of 85 kW).although it requires a higher investment of about 6,600 euros, which is about 18% more than the Megane E-Tech Equilibre.


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For now, this seems to be an exclusive decision for the Spanish market., in the Portuguese configurator, Renault continues to offer the Megane E-Tech Equilibre (40 kW/h and 131 hp) for €36,750 as an alternative to the Megane E-Tech Techno (60 kW/h and 218 hp) for €44,750. E-Tech Iconic (60 kWh and 218 hp) for 48,500 euros. But knowing the connection between the two Iberian markets, the evolution of this thinning of the range in other European markets should be watched carefully, with an emphasis on Portuguese. In addition, our country is in the top 5 among the best-selling Megane E-Tech (by volume), where the weight of the cheapest version with a 40 kWh battery just remains.

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