Review: Ebike Gogobest GF600 – same routes but much less fatigue

Going to discover nature is something that is good for the body and mind. For those who like to do it by bike, but who do not dare some routes because they are more demanding, or if they just like to enjoy more and get less tired, an Ebike like the Gogobest GF600 fills need a lot of stuff. Discover everything this amazing bike has to offer.

The popularization of Ebikes naturally leads to more competition, and consequently more options for users. We can already say that there are currently Ebikes for all tastes, thinking of different purposes.

If many people want to replace their daily means of transport to work, with a view to savings or speed of travel, others prefer to walk outside without getting tired. But there are rides for all tastes, and the right Ebike for the purpose will make all the difference depending on your preference.

This time the Gogobest GF600 comes to us as an option for the mountains and long routes on land or snow. Wide tires help with stability on uneven terrain, able to absorb some of these irregularities. It is very pleasant to drive, has high gears, disc brakes, and much more.


The Gogobest GF600 is an aluminum alloy electric Ebike, with a 26" wheel and a 4" thickness. It has a 13Ah battery at 48V, which takes about 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. The engine has a power of 1000W and according to the manufacturer it reaches a range of up to 100km.

It has pedal support at various speeds, including 25 km/h, which strictly adheres to the legal limit on public roads. But it is possible to go further, and if you want a little more fun, you will be able to reach 42 km/h on flat ground (only with the engine power), which can support up to 50 km/h. .. this Off the public road, of course. For driving, the user has at his disposal the hybrid mode (supported by the engine while pedaling) with 5 levels, the normal mode (pedal only) and the 100% electric mode. It also has a 7-speed Shimano transmission system.

In the middle of the handles there is a screen where you can access information such as battery charge level, instantaneous speed, kilometers travelled, headlights on indicator and selected electric assistance mode. With the help of a small selector, with 3 buttons, you can navigate through all the available options.

The fork is damped, with the possibility of locking and power adjustment. Brakes are pin actuated disc brakes. The saddle is adjustable in height as usual, and the handlebar is adjustable in rotation.

The Ebike weighs around 28 kg with battery, so you can easily remove the battery and ride 4 kg less. It carries a weight of up to 200 kg and has an IP54 water and dust protection rating.

In terms of assembly for the first use, in short, it is necessary to place the saddle, place the front wheel, turn and tighten the handles and place the pedals. It takes longer to remove clamps and protective sponges than to assemble the bike. As accessories, it comes with a 15-inch wrench for the pedals, a set of hex keys, air pump, padlock and charger.

an imposing design

"Fat" tires attract attention, it's inevitable. At least around here, I don't recall seeing a bike with tires this thick, so on a 26" wheel the overall height of the wheel is similar to a 28" wheel with a so-called normal tire .

After that, the height of the frame is also increased. In my case, measuring 1.74 m, when I sit on a bike under the frame next to the saddle, I cannot place both heels on the ground, although I manage to stand stably. From there and look at the handlebars, the frame keeps going up so you can get an idea of ​​how high the handlebars are.

As already mentioned, these tires help make driving more enjoyable and allow you to drive more safely on more challenging surfaces, such as snow, dirt or sand.

The battery is removable, just unlock it with the key. It can therefore be conveniently charged indoors, without the need to take the bike to an outlet.

The fork is interesting, with QB robustness, and connected to it is the headlight with 2 LEDs, with more than enough light projection for night riding. Note that no tail light is included, only the pedals will act as a reflector.

Finally, the mudguards are not out of place on this Ebike, but they can be easily removed if that is what you want. A rear support for small loads is also available, are sold separately.

How the electrical system works

Power on the Ebike is controlled by the switch on the battery. Once powered on, a long press on the Power button is enough and the system starts up, with status indication on the screen. It always starts in support mode 1, ready to start pushing the user while pedaling. As already mentioned, it has 5 support modes, each with a different speed limit:

  • Way 1: 18 km/h
  • Way 2: 25 km/h
  • Road 3: 32 km/h
  • Road 4: 42 km/h
  • Road 5: 49 km/h

For safety reasons, each of the brake levers has a sensor, which immediately deactivates the engine in the event of even slight braking.

Then, mode 0, has action only with the accelerator. The behavior is good, progressive, with various levels of acceleration, which gives a pleasant driving feeling. According to the road code, it is not legal to have a throttle on an electric bike for use on public roads, but it can be easily removed if the user wants it.

Walking mode is also available, where the motor runs at a constant low and configurable speed, useful for manually walking the bike.


A Ebike Gogobest GF600 it is a complete bike, where the design stands out the most. The "fat tires" help stability and safety, and don't seem to compromise the bike's electric capability.

The user interface is simple and intuitive. The disc brakes lock well and the gears are, as mentioned, high, where in 7th gear it can keep up with 50 km/h without much effort.

Regarding the performance in pure electric mode, it is noted that this is not considered the most important mode. And I say this because it is on a relatively steep climb, and even considering that the motor has a power of 1000W, it is not possible to make that climb without helping with the pedals. Here too, the engine's gearbox, so that it can carry up to 50 km/h, does not have enough torque for a steep climb. The idea of ​​the purpose of the motor is reinforced, which mainly serves to support the pedal.

As for autonomy, this is something that is always difficult to assess. The manufacturer announces 110 km, but in my case, mostly using the electric backup, I managed about 80 km. It seems quite possible to me that, in a use where the pedal prevails, I could reach 110 km or even more. It just depends on the user.

price and availability

The Ebike Gogobest GF600 is available for sale, in green, yellow or grey, for a price of € 1234.99 (VAT included), using the code F7WQ68 for 5% discount. Shipping is free and made from Europe, with fast delivery and no additional charges.

You can find other promotions currently running at Gogobest at Weekly deals page.

Gogobest GF600

Pplware thanks Gogobest for providing the Ebike Gogobest GF600 for analysis.

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