Samsung: it’s the best midrange you can buy!

Some people don’t want to spend money to buy a high-end one. So they try to bet on a middle distance, but it offers most of the functions that we find in smartphones that are not so wallet-friendly. In this area, Samsung’s Galaxy A series seems to meet these requirements. However, there are many devices within this family. So we’re going to tell you the best Samsung mid-range you can buy!

Samsung: it’s the best midrange you can buy!

The Galaxy A52 and A53 have been very well received. The Samsung is trying to repeat that success with the Galaxy A54 and it seems to be succeeding. For these reasons and also for the discounts you get when you buy from operators, this is the best midrange you can buy.


Perhaps the best thing about the Samsung Galaxy A54 is the new premium design that makes it look almost identical to the Galaxy S23. When I saw it with the cover on, still not knowing exactly what model it was, I had the feeling that we were talking about a truly premium device.

However, there are two main changes in this equipment. First, the corners of the device are now slightly more rounded, and second, the back now has three individual camera rings that protrude outwards instead of a rectangular camera island.

However, the front edges are much more balanced.

the rooms

At first glance, you might think that the Galaxy A54’s camera system is a poor camera system. That’s because it has three rear cameras with a 50MP main shooter, while its predecessor, the Galaxy A53, has a quad camera with a 64MP main sensor.

compared to Samsung Galaxy A54

However, know that when it comes to budget and mid-range smartphones, the “four camera setup” is more marketing than anything else. That said, by ditching the essentially useless 5MP depth camera, Samsung can focus more on improving the main, ultra-wide and macro cameras.

When it comes to resolution, more pixels don’t necessarily mean better pictures. Since most people shoot in 12MP mode anyway, this change will have little impact.

Samsung also claims to have improved Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Video Digital Image Stabilization (VDIS).


Samsung has discontinued Exynos chips for the Galaxy S flagships, but the mid-range Galaxy A will continue to use them. In the case of this equipment, the Exynos 1380 is more than enough for your daily needs.

microSD card

The Galaxy A53 didn’t have a headphone jack and neither did it have a charger. So it was natural for people to think that the next thing to jump would be the microSD card slot. Fortunately, the Galaxy A54 still comes with it.

This is definitely an excellent feature. Several users still like this feature.


The Galaxy A54 comes with a 5000mAh battery. We also look at the FHD screen and the Exynos 1380 chipset, which is very frugal in terms of consumption, the device should be able to last up to two days in moderate use.

Unfortunately, the charging speed is still limited to 25W, and no, there is no charger in the box.

Until Android 17

The Galaxy A54 comes with Android 13 with One UI 5 on top. Like the top-of-the-range models, the A54 will receive four years of major updates. That is, it should take this device to Android 17, which will appear in 2026.

The Galaxy A54 is undoubtedly a very well-balanced smartphone and is one of the best mid-range smartphones on the market. If you already have the Galaxy A53, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the upgrade. But if you want to upgrade to an older or weaker smartphone, this is undoubtedly the best option to consider.

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