Samsung Knox suite bolsters Vatican Guard arsenal

The Pontifical Swiss Guard (Guardia Svizzera Pontificia or GSP), responsible for protecting the Pope and Vatican City, chose the Knox suite to bolster their security arsenal. Knox Suite is Samsung Electronics’ powerful and adaptive mobile device management platform designed to help IT administrators easily secure, deploy and manage devices in the way that best suits their business.

Providing papal protection in the Vatican since 1506, the GSP is a Renaissance-era army that has carried out its duties with great success in the modern era. Technological advances have encouraged GSP to modernize its strategies and technologies to ensure the security of Vatican City, which receives an average of 25,000 tourists every day.

To do this effectively, they needed a robust solution that would allow them to be mobile, smart and digital, and would ensure that their communications were as secure as the Vatican’s Apostolic Archives.

For example, the platform allows system administrators to remotely manage and monitor the location of each device used by GSP and delete data if a device is lost or stolen. This allows the organization to customize the configuration and functionality of its devices to comply with the changing requirements needed to help protect the Vatican.

The Knox suite is also essential for GSPs in high risk situations. Through the platform, GSPs can instantly share threat information across multiple devices, while patrol leaders are able to see in real time where all GSP members are located.

Knox Suite[1] The Knox Platform for Enterprise consists of Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox e-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware Over the Air) and Knox Asset Intelligence. Among them, the main solutions and functions used by GSP are:

  • Knox Mobile Enrollment – Provides easy device enrollment for both IT administrators and device users. Knox Mobile Enrollment allows thousands of devices to be configured easily and all at once. The ability to quickly launch a batch of new devices means they can be configured quickly, helping GSP minimize any potential device downtime. New devices can be easily and quickly added to the network via Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or even QR codes.

  • Manage Knox – Allows GSP to remotely restrict content on certain devices at specific times as well as disable certain features, such as cameras and microphones. For example, if a device is stolen or lost, it can be locked or wiped to ensure its contents are not accessible to malicious parties.

Knox Manage gives GSP the ability to limit the use of non-critical applications. This creates a highly streamlined user experience and streamlines what application guards need to perform their duties. Reducing distractions and reducing time spent on devices allows GSP to ensure maximum concentration and productivity.

This feature allows restricting devices in sensitive situations to ensure additional security. Knox Manage could be used during the next papal conclave, for example, to help protect information and communications when making important decisions.

Series Galaxy Tab Active with Knox Suite

The Vatican is synonymous with secrecy as well as tradition. To ensure privacy among its members and staff, the guards have halberds and swords as well as sophisticated business software as part of their security arsenal. Complementing this are Samsung Galaxy rugged devices such as the Galaxy XCover Pro and Galaxy Tab Active series, which has led GSP to report fewer devices requiring fewer repairs and replacements.

Although it is the “smallest army in the world”, the GSP has a huge responsibility and therefore requires mobile devices with military features[2]. Accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. However, Galaxy Rugged devices are incredibly reliable and offer IP68 protection.[3] Against water and dust. Knowing that Galaxy XCover and Tab Active series devices can withstand tough conditions, rangers can perform their duties with confidence in the reliability and longevity of their tools.

For example, the Galaxy Tab Active 2 offers a wide range of features such as enhanced touch for use with gloves[4] And a long-lasting battery[5] and replaceable, which minimizes downtime in low power situations. The Galaxy Tab Active 3 adds to these features a bright, high-resolution display and a programmable key that provides instant access to important applications such as push-to-talk or emergency functions.

The Galaxy Tab Active3 also supports Samsung DeX[6], which ensures a computer-like experience when connected to a monitor or television, for officers performing planning or administrative tasks – a conventional PC does not require a dedicated space to perform traditional functions. These many features make the Galaxy Tab Active Series an ideal mobile device choice supported by Knox Suite, a professional honor guard with hundreds of years of history.

Continuous end-to-end support from hardware to software

Samsung provides ongoing support. GSP can ask for help if you have any questions or concerns about your device, operating system or features, ensuring you consistently have the best tools available.

With the ideal management platform, powerful hardware and ongoing support, Samsung enables security and productivity GSP to preserve heritage while transitioning to a new digital era. The comprehensive offerings of the Knox Suite platform mean that the Pontifical Swiss Guard can be confident that they are carrying out their duties with the best support possible. Armed with Samsung’s powerful, reliable and secure digital devices, GSP can focus unabashedly on protecting the Pope and the Vatican, as they have traditionally done for over 500 years.


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[1] A separate license key is required (purchased separately).

[2] The Galaxy Tab Active2 complies with MIL-STD-810G. The Galaxy Tab Active3 complies with MIL-STD-810H. MIL-STD-810 is a standardized form of altitude, humidity, immersion, salt spray, dust, vibration, drop, etc. tests designed by the US military to accurately assess device limitations.

[3] IP68 Rating: Based on test conditions for submersion in 1.5 meters of pure water for up to 30 minutes and protected against dust, dirt and sand. Residue after wet/dry rinse. Not recommended for beach or pool use.

[4] Touch sensitivity may vary depending on glove material and thickness, as well as other environmental conditions.

[5] Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors. Additional replaceable batteries are sold separately. In the case of additional replaceable batteries, only Samsung certified products are compatible for use.

[6] Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Tab Active 3 is available on compatible external displays via wired or wireless connectivity. Compatible apps may vary.


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