Samsung plans to replace Google search with Bing on smartphones

With Android, Google controls much of what brands like Samsung have on their smartphones. In addition to its services, it influences other areas such as research and much of the current software. That could soon change, with Samsung considering swapping Google search for Bing on its smartphones.

Samsung may ditch Google for Microsoft

It is not yet confirmed information, but the New York Times is promoting it than real. Based on information gathered within Google itself, it was possible to know that Samsung's change is well thought out and real.

Based on the changes and news that Microsoft has brought to Bing, this option has become interesting and almost logical. Quickly and with minimal impact, Samsung would bring all the AI ​​capabilities to its Galaxy smartphones that Google doesn't yet offer.

Of course, for Google, this change could be a hard blow, especially when it comes to the income that this partnership currently provides. Since Samsung is the manufacturer that sells the most Android smartphones today, it will lose the $3 billion annually that the manufacturer pays to use Google Search.

Samsung Google Bing Search Microsoft

Bing Search and AI will be the reason for the change

With the entire question based on research and its current AI capabilities, Google needs to respond quickly. For this, it is also known that a solution is being prepared, which goes under the internal name Magi and which will bring AI resources to the existing search engine.

Magi will continue to advertise in the search results mix. Search queries that could lead to a financial transaction, such as buying shoes or booking a flight, still show ads on your results pages

Negotiations between Samsung and Microsoft have not yet been completed and this opens up space for Google. The news about AI in search and other products is expected to appear at this year's I/O, that is, as early as May.

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