Schmidt talks about the whistle from the fans and says Benfica should not have lost: “We are disappointed and disappointed” – I Liga

The words of Roger Schmidt, the coach of Benfica, and Gonçalo Guedes, the striker of the reds, after the defeat by Chaves.

Roger Schmidt

Defeat Explanations: “We didn’t score, it’s easy. There are games of this type, when we try to find answers for the players who defend and many players. It happened to us many times this season and we find answers. they had a big chance, but the goalkeeper defended very well. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, the opponent always believes, they got a chance, by arguing. We have to accept it.”

Frustrated with the results? “We are disappointed and disappointed, the team did very well. You are not happy because you draw and then you lose. It is part of football.”

They produced Gonçalo Ramos and João Mário: “They were tired. I left them on the pitch for a long time because they already scored a lot this year, but at some point we need energy. Musa and Guedes are very good and when they are on the run, they just play the game. The chances of scoring goals are high.”

Third loss in a row: “When you lose, there’s always a lot of noise around the team, that’s what we prepare for. We’ll be together. Events like this make us grow. The team has already shown that they can do something.”

He whistles: “The fans can do whatever they want. I think we’ve been playing amazing football internationally and internationally and we’re still top of the Liga. The fans are disappointed and next week we want to make them happy again.”

Goncalo Guedes

Game analysis: “We went in to win, we did everything we could, we didn’t win, the tragedy was at the end. We left sad, we don’t want to lose, but keep working, we are still in first place and we did well. I want to win the Championship.”

He whistles: “We only think of being united, always together. It’s our secret to achieve our goals.”

How can you get out of this vicious cycle? “We will do the same, go to win and we will change this good part”

Leader Benfica lost today to Desportivo de Chaves, with 1-0, in the 28th game of the 1st Portuguese Soccer League. After two defeats at home, against FC Porto, in the competition, and against Inter Milan, in the Champions League, the ‘born in the flesh’ lost for the third time, with the goal of Abass (90 + 4).

Benfica is still ahead, with 71 points, while Chaves has risen to 10, with 36.

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