Sereno explains the partnership between SAD do Vilafranquense and Aves: “People are happy”


Comment to Sport TV by Henrique Sereno, president of SAD in Vilafranquense, regarding the agreement established with Aves.

Description of the contract: “It’s not a merger, we’ll just rent the Aves stadium. We’ll play as Aves Futebol SAD. We’ll move things from Vila Franca to here. This village. [Vila das Aves] they went through hard times. For a short time this village had no people who respected football. There will also be mature people. The goal is to bring Aves to the I Division and to the Europa League, eventually. “

End of connection with Vilafranquense: “We took over SAD which owed almost half of the country of Portugal. SAD which was in debt became a debtor. The new mayor [de Vila Franca de Xira] he did not take the lead in building the stadium. In this league, it is important to have a good stadium. So we joined the group [o Aves] and people. We would have no more space. We will continue to support the team for another three years. “

There were talks about the possibility of SAD do Vilafranquense joining Sporting de Espinho: “Espinho did not do well, the stadium will not be finished in time. We cannot go from one place without a stadium to another. What was impossible, in Aves. This is the solution we have found. People are happy.”

Aves Clube does not have football, but it maintains futsal and other sports: “Clue Esportes das Aves will stop being football. It will continue to be a game. We will take care of football. In Vila Franca we also had red and white kits and in Aves we will keep those colors.”

Promised services: “Many clubs don’t have training camps. We will do big work. We will build two training camps. I hope they will be completed before the start of the season.”

Vilafranquense players who have a contract will “carry” to Aves: “All Vilafranquense players remain at Aves Futebol SAD.”

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