Sérgio Conceição confirms his absence from the reception of FC Porto in Santa Clara

The words of Sérgio Conceição, coach of FC Porto, at the press conference to watch the reception of Santa Clara, which is scheduled for 8:30 pm on Saturday and count the 28th part of the Bwin League.

It has two players suspended, one injured and other players in danger. How will this affect the way you prepare for the game? “Two players must come, of course, to replace Taremi and Grujic. In any case, the process will go a little further. I will use him as Otávio and if I use him or not, for example, because he played. he is a little different in the last game. Pepê too. Who are the right backs, one of the questions you often ask, has an emotional part. All the players played a very good game in Luz in Luz. , it is true, and the whole team, but I say something that I am opening the game a little on what I don’t want the opponent to know about us.”

Medical knowledge is very easy. Are you feeling too safe, too restless at the end of the season? “It is very important to have the whole team. At the moment we don’t have it. We have two suspended players who cannot contribute and João Mário who is out due to injury, I can confirm. He will not be there. Tomorrow maybe it will be difficult there, we have three, four, even five players many times in the medical department. In Milan we were there until the last minute to see two or three players who have played. At the moment it is difficult in terms of strategy and game planning. It is one thing to say on the board what I want, the other is to go through the field and they know where to attack and the defender is not the same. It was the same in Luz. It makes the preparation of the game very difficult. Our physiologists and physical trainers and injured players can manage the work on other important things. In the case of Pepe, who has been without competition. for a month, he enters the game and did not realize, because there is work to prepare, but it is not the same thing, he was working differently. It has been a difficult season in that sense, it has reduced a little, but it is not an excuse for anything, the loss in Vila do Conde and Gil Vicente at home, there were other reasons, but which made our work successful. a very difficult technical team to prepare for the game, made it difficult.

Taremi scored just the team’s third goal from outside the area in the competition. Do you think the team would be serious about this? “It seems that he heard my conversation with one of the assistants, with Dembélé. That was the conversation that we had after the training. I did a training session today where the goal was not to shoot, it was, inside the space, to look at different things. He can shoot, but he didn’t shoot too much. He told me that he usually finished the warm-up and shot at the goal and it was amazing to shoot amazingly, Pepê, Evanilson, Toni Martínez, but then we shot. he didn’t shoot enough from outside the area. but not only the low blocks, Taremi by changing quickly he managed to score a goal outside for the region. If you ask me if we worked and if I really want to, it’s true, but it’s also true that it doesn’t happen often and I’m evaluating what we do.”

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