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A atriumInvestment companies and real estate management (SIGI) Launched by Bankinter Investments and Sona Sierra In the middle of last year, it announced that “shares representing its share capital have been listed on the Euronext Access multilateral trading system managed by Euronext Lisbon”.

“Admission to trading on Euronext access to shares representing its share capital atrium The aim is to provide the investing public with an alternative instrument for their investment”, the companies said in a statement.

Currently, 66.25% of SIGI’s capital is held by various investors in both Portugal and Spain, with the remaining capital held by Bankinter and Sierra (managers of both SIGI and assets) and Kostas Holding Unipessoal, Lda. It holds, of which 10%, 3.75% and 20%, respectively.

“With admission to trading on Euronext Access, any investor will now be able to buy Atrium shares on that market. For private investors, the acquisition of Atrium shares represents an opportunity to indirectly invest in a symbolic real estate asset in the city of Lisbon – the so-called Atrium Saldanaha -, leveraging a diversified portfolio of contracts with top tenants”, the note highlights.

“It is a mixed-use building combining offices, commercial spaces and parking lots, with a total leasable area of ​​31,000 m2 and a high occupancy rate”, it further read.

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