Support for higher oil prices continued until the end of the month

The support for the increase in fuel prices, which ended on Monday, will be extended until the end of the month, maintaining the discount on petrol and reducing one cent on diesel, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

“Taking into account all the measures in force, the tax reduction will be 32.8 cents per liter of diesel and 34 cents per liter of petrol,” the ministry said.

Compared to the first half of April, the ministry says that the full reduction in taxes is maintained on gasoline and slightly reduced on diesel, due to the evolution of fuel prices in recent weeks.

The tax cut is now 32.8 cents per liter of diesel and 34 cents per liter of petrol, he added.

The measures to reduce the increase in fuel prices that are still in effect in the second half of April are the method used for the ISP similar to the reduction of the VAT rate from 23% to 13% and the payment method for reducing the ISP. from additional VAT, resulting from changes in fuel prices, including the suspension of changes in the carbon tax.

The Ministry has added that, according to the measures to support agricultural activities, it is maintaining that the tax on diesel for agriculture will be reduced by 6 cents.

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