#TBT: 40 years ago, Prince released a single…

the subject of #TBT Here’s an important song written by an even more notable artist from the 80s today: “Little Red Corvette”, of the gifted Prince. The track was released as the second single from the album, which would establish him as a music star. “1999”.

It was the artist’s first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and appears on the chart today. Top 500 songs in the worldCompiled by Rolling Stone magazine.

“The Little Red Corvette” Known as the Corvette, the model is remembered as one of the few songs written about the car. The car was created by Chevrolet in 1953 and since then it stands out for its powerful engine and sporty appearance.

However, Prince’s lyrics go beyond vehicular interests—in the track, he’s just a metaphor. Through a film called Little Red Corvette, he sings about a woman who fascinates him because of the number of partners she has. It is very fast like a car and its speed impresses the vocalist.

An article from 2016 noted the artist’s inspiration for composing the song: Renata Kanclerz, wife of musician Lisa Coleman, a member of Prince’s backing band. The idea came to him after taking his car for a drive, right after he left a night in the studio recording. But contrary to popular belief, they weren’t in a red Corvette.

It’s actually a pink 1964 Mercury Montclair Marauders. Prince helped buy it at an auction in Minneapolis in 1980, and Lisa still has that car (but needs some maintenance). It is actually original. The prince himself even gave him a few scratches.”

Video clip

With a band in the background, Prince performs under the iconic purple lights, maintaining eye contact with the camera. In the video, he dances energetically to accompany his guitar solo.

The music video, directed by Brian Greenberg, was the artist’s second production on MTV. singles “1999” e “The Little Red Corvette” made history when they entered the channel’s programs, because at the time everything that deviated from the Pop ideal was not considered. In this way, they made room for compositions by black artists and R&B songs.

Watch the full video:


“The Little Red Corvette” is part of “1999”, the singer’s fifth studio album. The disc debuted at number nine on the US Top 200 Albums chart and earned Prince his first Grammy nomination for Best Male R&B Performance.

Along with the rock touch that the track brings to the work as a whole, the album is distinguished by elements of funk and techno. The work with long songs was very well received by critics and the public and is still remembered today. In 2003, it was included in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time and has not been released since then.

In the face of so much outcry and talent, Prince’s audience mourned the singer’s death in 2016, and many used his songs to grieve. In the same year of his death “1999” It returned to the top of the Billboard 200 and rose to the seventh position in the ranking.

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