The 10 most valuable Brazilian under-23 players in the world according to CIES

forward Yuri AlbertoThe Under-23 player from Corinthians is the eighth most valuable player in the world today, according to the CIES Football Observatory. At No. 9, Timão, 22, is the highest-ranked Brazilian on the list of the world’s 100 athletes — a survey that doesn’t take into account Europe’s top five leagues (Germany, England, Italy, Spain and France).

The ‘International Sports Research Center Football Observatory’ lays down the value of a Corinthians goalkeeper 35 million euros – Approximately R$ 190 million at current exchange rates.steering wheel AndreFrom Fluminense, Forward Marcos Leonardo, from Santos, in the top three among the Brazilians. See the top 10 below:


Martinelli is one of the gifted boys from Xerém. / Fermendes / Getty Images

Martinelli Among the Brazilians, he is the 10th most valuable under-23 player on the planet. The Fluminense midfielder is talented and will soon be able to do more than just sport for Larangeras. CIES sets its value at EUR 15 million.


Aderson is highly rated at Corinthians. / Pedro Villera / Getty Images

Aderson Is another Corinthians player high on the CIES Football Observatory list. Soap opera attackers are dangerous and make a difference in one-on-one. If he improves with the final pass and certain decision-making, he will make his mark in international football.


Mauricio starred in The International. / Silvio Avila / Getty Images

Highlights of Bellario, mauricio Every day is about leaving an international airport. The 21-year-old midfielder is of good quality and is highly regarded in football. Teams from inside and outside Brazil have shown interest in the Inter asset.

Rodrigo Nestor

Rodrigoneste has improved a lot in Sao Paulo in recent months. /SOPA Images/Getty Images

Rodrigo Nestor Launched in São Paulo last year, production has been growing since then. The 22-year-old midfielder is talented and has plenty of room for improvement over the next few years.

joao pedro

Joao Pedro left Brazil at a young age. / Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

Another boy from Xerém on the list: Joao PedroThe striker from Watford, England, showed up at Laranjeiras at the age of 21 and went to Europe at a young age. It has a lot of quality, and everything will take off in the coming seasons. It’s deadly!

Andre Santos

Andre is one of Brazil’s biggest hopes today. /Eurasian Sports Images/Getty Images

Andre Santos He started his career in Vasco and now belongs to Chelsea in England.Currently, the steering wheel is from Bruce In Gigante da Colina itself, there is a lot of potential in the midfielder who struggled to repatriate him a few weeks ago.

Vito Rock

Vitor Roque has already been cited by European powers. / Marcelo Endelli / Getty Images

Are you surprised?and Vito RockThe former Cruzeiro, now at Athletico-PR, the striker is a phenomenon and it’s no wonder he’s becoming more and more popular with European powerhouses. The Brazilian has been named the “generational successor” to Robert Lewandowski from Barcelona, ​​the team most interested in his signing.

Marcos Leonardo

Marcos Leonardo is another talent that has emerged from Santos. / Fermendes / Getty Images

The value is set at 29 million euros (more than 157 million reais at current exchange rates), Marcos Leonardo He is another Menino Davila among the world’s most prized under-23 players. The Santos striker has long been on the radar of the big Old World teams.


In Fluminense, Andre is considered the best defensive midfielder in national football in 2023. /Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images

Flying low in Fluminense uniform, Andre is building its name for a new cycle of Brazil’s national team for the 2026 World Cup. Very talented and dynamic midfielder differentiated and very regular. He’s such a good player.

Yuri Alberto

Yuri Alberto is the most valuable Brazilian under-23 player in the world. / Ricardo Moreira / Getty Images

Unveiled by Santos and playing for Inter and Zenit, Yuri Alberto is the most valuable Brazilian under-23 player in the world. The Corinthians striker has even been cited in the Brazil national team.

The 21 most valuable U-23 Brazilians in the world according to the CIES Football Observatory




1. Yuri Alberto (No. 8)


35 million euros

2. Andre (No. 11)


31 million euros

3. Marco Leonardo (No. 12)


29 million euros

4. Vitor Roque (No. 15)

Sports PR

23 million euros

5. Andre Santos (No. 17)


23 million euros

6. João Pedro (No. 18)


22 million euros

7. Rodrigo Nestor (No. 25)

sao paulo

20 million euros

8. Mauritius (37th)


17 million euros

9. Ederson (No. 39)


17 million euros

10. Martinelli (48º)


15 million euros

11. Luan Cândido (No. 52)

Red Bull Bragantino

14 million euros

12. Angelo (No. 56)


13 million euros

13. Assists (57º)


13 million euros

14. Johnny (60º)


13 million euros

15. Nathan (No. 65)

Red Bull Bragantino

13 million euros

16. Victor Hugo (No. 66)


13 million euros

17. Heliño (No. 71)

Red Bull Bragantino

12 million euros

18. Igor Passion (No. 80)


12 million euros

19. Large size (82º)

New York City

12 million euros

20. Matheus França (No. 86)


11 million euros

21. Gabriel Menino (No. 88)

Palm tree

11 million euros

Most represented Brazilian teams on the list: Bragantino (3); Inter, Corinthians, Fluminense, Santos and Flamengo (2); Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, Vaz Section and Athletico-PR (1).

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