The Deputy of PSD will make a loving couple on video with Ana Rita Cavaco, President of the Order of Nurses – Observer

PSD deputy Luís Gomes, who in love songs goes by the name Luís Gomez, has a new song. movie. Released this Friday, the music video “Leva-me-você” has Ana Rita Cavaco as the protagonist.

In the video ballad, the second chosen by Faro walks with the President of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros, simulating a romantic relationship, asking “don’t let our love die / Take me”.

In some embodiments a clip, the President deletes the photos of Luís Gomez on WhatsApp, indicating the end of the relationship. Ana Rita Cavaco, who took up the position at the Ordem dos Enfermeiros in January 2016, shared on Facebook. VIDEO. “My dear brother, it was a great privilege to work with you in this work movie. I liked it. Close the internet because he has a birthday today”, wrote the chairman, while Luís Gomes celebrates another birthday on Friday.

On the social network, Ana Rita Cavaco had already shared a photo of the two in the art of VIDEOwhich will be recorded in the Municipal Park of Alta Vila, in Águeda.

Luís Gomes has a degree in Territorial Engineering and is studying for a PhD in Engineering and Management. He is a consultant and professor at the University of the Algarve. Last year, he reached the Assembly of the Republic, after being mayor for 12 years.


In this song, Luís Gomez also sang “Feiticeira”, with Latin and Spanish lyrics, together with his co-singer Jay Oliver, who joined the 2022 edition. reality show “Big Brother”. He is also the author of songs such as “Capricho”, “Nothing will change me”, Treat him well” or “I don’t say anything”.

[Já saiu: pode ouvir aqui o quinto episódio da série em podcast “O Sargento na Cela 7”. E ouça aqui o primeiro episódio, aqui o segundo episódio, aqui o terceiro episódio e aqui o quarto episódio. É a história de António Lobato, o português que mais tempo esteve preso na guerra em África.]

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