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In Portugal, TCL is a relatively recent brand, but the company was founded in 1981, originally under the name TTK Home Appliances Co.and is present in 160 markets worldwide, accepting itself as one of the fastest growing consumer electronics companies and leader in the TV area. The commitment to technology, expertise in screens and the evolution of design are elements that contribute to this growthand this year TCL debuts a participation in Milan Design Weekwhich will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of April in Fuorisalone.

Next week TCL will host the exhibition “ELEMENTOS – TCL Green Horizon”, where it shows its vision to create technology for a better future that inspires the greatness that unites people, with exceptional design and aesthetics, an intuitive user experience and sustainable manufacturing. Four elements of nature are used, as he explained to SAPO TEK Tiago Abreu, X-LAB Design Innovation Manager at TCL Electronicsin an interview at Mobile World Congress 2023.

oh Portuguese designer did part of his training in Portugal, in product design and in Barcelona, ​​but he also went through Italy before moving to Chinawhere he started as a senior product designer at TCL, developing the design philosophy and strategy in this area, as well as the design language of televisions and related products.

In 2019, the Design and Innovation Department was created, and the X-Lab, led by Tiago Abreu, at TCL’s Industrial Design Center. This department is part of the Design Innovation Center which has more than 200 designers and engineers, and its mission is to evaluate user experiences and the commitment to incremental innovation, but always taking into account the business value and opportunities in the different areas.

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in Milan TCL invites visitors to a visit to the near future where nature and technology coexistwith an emphasis on water, earth and heat, and inspiring elements.

“This is an opportunity to position TCL as a design brand, with an emphasis on product lines”, explains Tiago Abreu to SAPO TEK.

Since the X-Lab and the Design Innovation Center were created, “we started to gain more exposure and recognition” and in the past two years, TCL has received more than two dozen design awards, especially in 2022.

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Tiago Abreu mentioned several examples of products where the design is thought to improve the user experience, but also reuse materials, or give new life to equipment, as is the case of TV bases., which is often hung on the wall. Instead of throwing away the base elements, which are compulsorily included in the packaging, TCL suggests turning them into a fruit bowl, or a hanger.

A sustainability, with the reduction of waste and the use of more environmentally friendly elements, as well as renewable energy are also the basis of TCL’s concepts and commitments in the development of new products.

look to the future, Tiago Abreu now has an ambitious project to expand the presence of TCL design centers in other geographies outside of China. The company has marketing and commercial units in several European countries, including Portugal, but the design and engineering are close to the headquarters.

Oh designer believe that it is important to also have these skills in different areas, especially in Europewhere users are demanding in terms of design and product experience.

“This approach to the market brings more value to the product, marketing and sales and creates new lines of communication, which can result in new products and with new materials”, he underlines.

At the exhibition in Milan, visitors will see the new product range TCL Europe 2023, including new Mini LED and QLED Smart TVs, home appliances and brand new concept appliances.

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