The government will revise the pension in 2024

The Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, announced that there is an opportunity to reform the pension in 2024, and to fully control the basis of the accounting system provided in the law.

The announcement was made by Fernando Medina during the presentation of the Stability Program (SP) 2023-2027, at the Ministry of Finance, in Lisbon.

“Today we have the necessary limits to change the pension, in 2024, and fully control the foundation in accordance with the pension reform plan,” said the Minister of Finance.

According to Fernando Medina, the PE “has this important role so that the reform of the pension in 2024 is carried out in accordance with the consequences of using the pension system without changes in the year 2023”.

This year, the revision of the pension was under what would come from the process provided in the law, which takes into account the increase in prices without housing and the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), combined with the payment of an amount equal to half of the pension.

According to the information announced by the Ministry of Finance, these funds should be included in the pension in 2024, which will be changed according to the procedure provided in the laws.

“In the case of pensions, what is written in the EP is true that the increase of 2024 is made considering that the basis of the increase is the same and that the pension is the one that is divided in two years”, he said. Fernando Medina.

“This means that there is no decrease in the cost of 2024 or a decrease in the following years in relation to the change in the pension”, encouraged the Minister of Finance.

Madina stressed that this is how the Government is “acting” in line with the pension reform plan.

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