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And condition Still unable to “get rid of”. Quinta das Pratas Hotel, the only one in Cartaxo – opened its doors in 2002 and filed for bankruptcy in 2014, having vacated a year earlier. Three attempts were made to sell the hotel Electronic auction, without all results. The biggest creditor is the state, which claims about 95% of the 3.22 million euros in credits owed to Oliveira and Baio, which is in liquidation and has the upper right to the residence.

According to Jornal de Negócios, there were three failed attempts to sell Hotel da Quinta das Pratas online. The first in October 2022, for a base price of 2.14 million euros, the second in December of the same year for 1.82 million euros and the third now in April: proposals were accepted from 85% of that amount, i.e. 1.54 million euros, but the result was the same, that was not bidding.

In all there are a dozen creditors, the publication wrote, above the head of the state, which holds about 95% of the credits of 3.22 million euros. Oliveira and BioWhich comes from the sum of the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal (2.5 million), Social Security (412 thousand euros) and the Tax Authority (about 187 thousand euros).

The company’s corporate name combines the surnames of lawyer Cipriano Oliveira and television presenter Joao Baio, who are not related to the process. Bankruptcy of the company, since he left the company in January 2001, i.e. before the opening of the hotel. The surface rights, for 70 years, were granted to Oliveira and Irmao in 1998 by Camara do Cartaxo.

Cipriano Oliveira later sold Oliveira and Baio to Marcelino José do Patrocinio Gargalo in 2009. Bankruptcy proceedings The society has been in court for years.

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