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Five plots, located in Lisbon and Algarve, which new bank put up for sale through Land Bank Portfolio, has already attracted at least three interested parties. The portfolio is worth around 400 million euros and, by all indications, Norfin, Vanguard and Bain Capital Working on an acquisition proposal.

Advances by news ECO Newspaper, who cited sources close to the process It may be recalled that the Land Bank has five plots in its portfolio with a construction potential of 490,000 square meters (m2), as reported by Adarsh/News.

Gonzalo Santos, head of capital markets at JLL Portugal, a consultancy that is marketing the portfolio together with CBRE, said in a statement sent to newsrooms a few weeks ago that these are “quality” lands for development, especially large residential and tourist centers”. Novo Banco’s idea is to sell this set Real estate promotion Still in 2023.

Land for sale in Novo Banco

Greater Lisbon

  • Land of Amoreiras (130,000 m2 of construction potential);
  • Land in the Parque das Nações area (88,000 m2);
  • Land in the municipality of Oiras (80,000 m2).

Algarve region

  • Land in Portimão (It has a potential construction area of ​​over 110,000 m2);
  • Land next to Carvoiro village (Municipality of Lagoa) – Construction forecast of more than 68,000 m2.

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