The lower deck of the Lewis Eye Bridge has reopened but with traffic restrictions

It was this Friday morning that the lower deck of the Luis I Bridge was reopened, following the completion of the contract “Repair of the Luis I Bridge over the Douro River – Lower Deck”. The work was under the responsibility of Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) but had limited circulation.

The bottom tray is reopened but not for all vehicles. Only public transport, taxis, bicycles and pedestrians can cross it. Tourist transport, hop-on hop-off and TVDE are prohibited, the Porto Chamber pointed out in a statement.

After more than a year of operation, the lower deck reopened and no one expected the restrictions.

Camara do Porto explains in the same statement that, “this intervention aims to rehabilitate and strengthen the said deck, repairing a set of anomalies identified within the scope of the general paint stripping work and others known and existing. Corrosion”. And he goes on to indicate that “in addition to repairing the above-mentioned anomalies, most of which are related to surface corrosion of metal elements, it was necessary to proceed with timely replacement of rivets, correction of deformed plates, maintenance of auxiliary equipment. Replacement of expansion joints, repair of access doors to meetings and damaged Rehabilitation of Services”.

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