“The message has not been heard and I am guilty”



The words of Sérgio Conceição, the blue and white coach, after FC Porto-Santa Clara (2-1), a match related to the 28th round of the Bwin League.

Analysis: As we approach the end of the tournament, teams fight hard for points. For Santa Clara, every game is very important, as we who fight for different goals, we would have scored one or two more goals. The first half. At half time the message was not heard and it is my fault not the players, I did not know how to give him what he needs. , which is unusual for games in the final stage of the competition.

What was the message? “The players know”.

Was the rush a crime? “We didn’t have awareness, we didn’t play fast and not hastily, in the sense that a lot of patience was needed when passing the ball. All the attacks were very fast, against a team that defended well and tried not to suffer at first. More patients, patience not the same as we showed in the second part, which contradicts the message I was saying. We were able to find opportunities inside and it’s proof that something was not right. It’s worth winning, what it has. It’s happened recently, irrational and very effective”.

He switched Eustaquio for Evanilson at 56′: “It was a personal problem, nothing to do with the game. I use the opportunity to send a hug, the whole team is with him in this fight, not only the game but the family”.

Title accounts: “I have been saying that the math is at the end. We have reduced the distance, it is true, but we have to continue this way, the math is at the end”.

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