The Portuguese government allocates 10 million euros to support the events

Secretary of State for Tourism, Trade and Services, Nuno Fazenda.

This ordinance was published on Wednesday (11). n.º 101/2023which has approved its specific regulations Portugal event, an incentive system that establishes different categories and levels of financial aid, as well as requirements for providing it. Among the evaluation criteria, we highlight the importance of implementing sustainable practices, which consider economic, environmental and social aspects, as well as accessibility.

Initiative will provide 10 million euros For events taking place in 2023 and 2024. This amount will be divided equally over two years and aims to support the organization of events able to attract tourists by highlighting the cultural richness and resources of Portugal and its regions.

“Applicable to the entire national territory, this incentive system launched by Turismo de Portugal is intended for events that, due to their location and notoriety, contribute to the creation of regional dynamism, diversity of tourist experiences and dispersion in space and time. , increase the dynamism of the local economy. (especially in areas of low density) or in favor of the international projection of the country and its territories”.A government statement said.

Incentive system Portugal tourism, which has a national reach, aims to support events recognized for their relevance and contribute to stimulating development in different regions, promoting the diversity of tourism offers and increasing the flow of visitors over time and space. These events should have a positive impact on the local economy, especially in areas with low population density, and contribute to the international projection of the country and its various regions.

Financial assistance provided will have a maximum limit 250 thousand euros 50 thousand euros for strategic tourism events and in other situations. Additionally, there is a 25% increase in incentive value if the event takes place in a low density area.

“This program, in addition to contributing to Portugal’s external projection, will also play an important role in improving the local economy”These are Nuno FazendaSecretary of State for Tourism, Trade and Services. “Especially in the interior regions, thus contributing to the economic and social cohesion of the entire region”finished

Entries to participate in the incentives have already started and can be submitted using the specified form available here Investment Project Management System. For events taking place in 2024, applications can be submitted from September 1 of this year.

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