There is hope, but Portugal can only have two teams in Champions 24/25


Portugal now has only two teams in the Champions League and five in all European competitions in 24/25

The defeats of Benfica, and Inter, and Sporting, against Juventus, confirm what seems to be already necessary: ​​Portugal loses the sixth place in UEFA to the Netherlands and from 2024/25 will have only two teams in the Liga dos Champions and five in the number of competitions of Europe.

At worst, the champions of 2023/24 will go to the Champions League; the winner will have to play and pass two qualifying rounds. What happened to third-placed Benfica last summer in 2022.

The remaining two places are the Europa League and one is the Conference League. The winner of the Portuguese Cup will enter the group directly and the third in the competition will qualify. If the Cup winner is the champion or runner-up, the third-placed player gets a place in the Europa League.

The final task is for the Conference League, which can be fourth – if the winner of the Portugal Cup goes to the Europa League – or fifth place, if the Cup winner is one of the top two in the competition. .

However, there is a chance for Portugal to keep three teams in the 2024/25 Champions League: if the Portuguese team wins the 2023/24 Champions League or Europa League or Portugal is one of the best in the UEFA competition next season.

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