Top Android Smartphones Will Get 50% GPU Boost! leak

Until 2021~2022, Qualcomm lost some space in the Android market, all thanks to MediaTek’s growth, and also to Samsung’s greater commitment to its own processors.

But in 2023, it is undeniable that Qualcomm is the queen and mistress of the ecosystem. By the way, even the South Korean giant Samsung itself abandoned its Exynos processors, signing an exclusive contract with Qualcomm, to have access to more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile processors, and of course only its own.

So, this “new” Qualcomm seems to be the product of a change in strategy, which is beginning not to go unnoticed. After all, it seems stronger now than ever in the mobile world.

Having said all that, if the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is already an incredible SoC, everything points to the next generation (Gen3) being a qualitative leap of similar quality. Have you checked out the latest rumors?

Android smartphones will have a 50% GPU boost in 2024!

Therefore, according to the latest ‘leaks’ and rumors, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen3 will bring an incredible ‘boost’ graphics. After all, we are talking about a performance increase of around 50% for the GPU (Adreno 750) of the new mobile processor, which in turn should serve as the basis for the vast majority of high-end smartphones and tablets in the Android ecosystem in 2023 .

Excellent news, as the current SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is already ahead of Apple’s A16 Bionic in this component.

However, since Apple has reserved the entire 3nm process for itself, this SoC will still be based on the current 4nm process. Therefore, Apple is expected to remain at the peak of the mountain, in terms of CPU performance.

Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 has its announcement scheduled for the end of the year. Appears for the first time in the next generation of high-end Xiaomi smartphones (Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro). Soon after, we will have the new Galaxy S24, again based on exclusive ‘For Galaxy’ processors.

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