Travel to Brazil and Vietnam with Delta Q

Delta Q has just reinforced its position as a coffee specialist with the launch of two new single origin coffees: Brazil and Vietnam, strengthening its range and thus meeting the needs of espresso coffee lovers and connoisseurs.

Because being an espressoist is exactly what it is, offering an espresso brewed to perfection with 100% real coffee from Brazil or Vietnam. Thus, Delta Q offers new sensory journeys in two completely different regions, from the mountains of Vietnam to the tropical forests of Brazil.

Brazil’s tropical climate makes for excellent coffee cultivation in fertile soil. It is hot for a few hours in the sun and moistened by tropical rains. Delta Q Brazil is the result of a selection of the best berries and grains hand-picked by experts, resulting in a balanced espresso with an intense flavor and low acidity. This coffee is characterized by its smooth aroma with notes of pineapple and mango.

Downstream in Vietnam’s warm and humid climate, the best coffee berries and beans are picked at the right time, giving birth to Delta Cue Vietnam Espresso. This coffee is characterized by its intense aroma with light notes of honey and ripe fruit.

Delta Q Brazil and Delta Q Vietnam now join the Origin range, featuring some of the world’s most acclaimed coffee origins: Colombia, Jamaica, Timor, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The Origin range is already available in Portugal at the usual points of sale and in the brand’s online store ( at an MSRP of €4.59.

The launch of the new Origin is supported by a multimedia campaign, with TV, digital, press and point-of-sale presence.

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