Web page tells if an image is real or AI powered. But will it?

The world is worried. Will so much artificial intelligence (AI) technology help humanity or will the dark side win? Well, there will be AI influence on everything and the images that look real could be the result of a creative computer after all. One page says it can tell the real thing from the fake… but does it work?

Will artificial intelligence be undetectable?

Right now there are millions of people in the world trying to figure out how to use Midjourney. Today on social media we see authentic guides to using AI platforms for everything, and when we say everything… it really is everything.

Among many areas, one particularly "scary" one showed how easy it was to "steal" a person's face and put it on a completely different body. And it was in this idea of ​​expanding creativity, we saw Pope Francis dressed in a more rapper clothing lineor Donald Trump being handcuffed by the police at a protest.

In this sense, AI image makers try to explore the limits of imagination and there are fantastic works. The problem, as we mentioned, is that this particular application can also be used to do evil, and the profound fakes of the Pope or Donald Trump that look real have the authorities worried.

It is for this reason that an application has been launched to tell us whether an image is real or created by an AI.

How to determine if an image is real or if it was made by AI

The website responsible for managing this application is called AI or not. Its purpose is very simple: to tell us whether an image has a human hand or whether it was developed by Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the application is able to determine what type of AI was used in the process, whether it was DALL-E or MidJourney.

Image of the AI ​​or Not page that claims to be able to distinguish real images from those made by AI

Using it is very simple. Access only to the website and then you just need to upload the image you want to know the source. The application will process the image and give you a result based on the percentage made by a person or an AI, in addition to venture to say what kind of company developed it.

How do I know if AI or Not really works?

Well, we tried to verify if the platform could actually provide the answers we wanted to know. Two submitted images created in Bing Image Creator have had mixed luck. One, in fact, the website AI or NotAI or Not got it right, it's made by AI, but it was wrong on the platform.

Already in the second image, the platform did not realize that the image of the "mother" we asked to be created is also the result of artificial intelligence.

It is true that the images are very "believable", realistic, but still the platform tried to detect certain parameters that were not of human origin.

At the moment, this is the most reliable application for finding "fake" images. However, as we have already seen, it still makes some mistakes that make us wonder if sooner or later we will be completely unable to determine whether a photo is real or manipulated by AI.

All this while taking into account the dangerous implications that any of these characteristics can have for humans.

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