Why are many Brazilians moving to Paraguay?

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Felipe Monteiro, from Mazagão (AP), is in his fifth year of medical school in Paraguay

  • writer, Marcia Carmo
  • introduction, BBC News Brazil from Buenos Aires

When he was 17, Felipe Monteiro learned in his hometown, Mazagao, Amapa, that a compatriot had studied medicine in Paraguay and was practicing medicine in Brazil today.

Now, at age 24, Monteiro is in his fifth year of medical school in a neighboring country. He is one of the thousands of Brazilians currently in Paraguay preparing for this career.

Brazilians make up almost all medical students, according to official estimates.

“In my class, we are 80 students and only 2 Paraguayans. There are students from Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia, Acre, Amazonas”, says Monteiro in the report.

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