Women’s World Cup 2023 represents opportunity to reach Gen Z fans, research shows – Women’s World Cup 2023

A 2023 Women’s World Cup Should be a great opportunity for brands and media platforms to reach fans Generation Zaccording to the “Women’s Football Fans 2023” study, conducted by Footballco in partnership with Indivisa.

The report included a sample of 2,291 people from 10 different countries, indicating that 58% of fans women’s football People belonging to Generation Z declare themselves fanatics (watch as many games as possible) or fans (follow the team’s games).

The report revealed that 78% of male football fans define themselves as supporters or fanatics, compared to 52% when it comes to women’s football. This gap is attributed to the amount of time these people focused on each category. The study noted that 37% of female football fans had been fans for six years or more, compared to 72% of male football fans who consumed the sport over the same period.

Women’s World Cup seen as opportunity

48% of female football fans claim to be “loose fans” and do not often pay attention to games. 2023 Women’s World Cup This is seen as a major opportunity for rights holders and brands looking to reach this fan base and build women’s soccer loyalty.

The study also revealed that the opportunity is greater for brands looking to connect with Gen Z women, as 58% of female fans aged 18 to 24 declare themselves fans or fanatics. This drops to 37 percent when women aged 45 or older are considered.

When it comes to the type of content women’s football fans are looking for, Footballco says they most want to follow live matches, highlights and news related to the topic. If you just look at Gen Z, the most wanted content types are memes, game broadcasts, and inspirational stories.

Women’s soccer fans are more likely to consume this content on youtube, Facebook electronic instagram. However, people between the ages of 18 and 24 prefer social networks Instagram, Tik Tok eYouTube.

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