Xbox Game Pass is an option for studios, not a requirement, Microsoft says

Sarah Bond, vice president of Xbox, assures that Xbox Game Pass is just another option available to video game manufacturers, a way to introduce themselves to the Xbox audience and that Microsoft only wants to help achieve greater financial success.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the same where he says that the diversity of content makes the Xbox Game Pass really valuable, Bond explained that they do not want to force any manufacturer to launch their games on the subscription service, which is in the phase of the company.

Bond says Xbox’s plan is to attract developers to its platform to “achieve greater economic success and to continue to expand” regardless of how they choose to release games.

“Game Pass is an option for developers. One thing we talk about a lot internally, but try to share more externally, is that the business model associated with a game is endemic to the nature of play,” explains Bond of the Xbox philosophy.

“We have invested a lot of time in how we introduce more diversity of business models, how we create more options. We talk a lot about Game Pass, because subscription is the latest option to come to scale: you have to pay to play, then free to play. play and then we launched Game Pass.”

Bond also says they want to try other models, such as offering ad-supported titles, something more common on mobile, and if there are models that can work on consoles and PCs.

“Providing creators with options and choices allows them to experiment with what they want, and create even more engaging and creative experiences without fitting into one mold.”

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