Xiaomi changes packaging to innovate and create a distinctive design

More than creating equipment and new proposals, Xiaomi is also betting on other related areas. Therefore, it is natural that you create news for your proposals from time to time. The latest focuses on the packaging of his products, where he wants to innovate and create a distinctive design.

A creative and avant-garde design philosophy

The creative and avant-garde design philosophy of Xiaomi's packaging is driven by a holistic view of the market which, combined with the constant search for innovation, reflects part of Xiaomi's product philosophy: simple, practical and accessible.

This brand packaging configuration philosophy originated in 2011 when Xiaomi established three design principles for its product packaging: design should be focused on technology, delivery should be as immediate as possible, and the process should provide economically viable solutions to consumers.

As a result, Xiaomi already has three different generations of packaging, each with unique and disruptive characteristics, but which seeks to preserve its aspirational identity.

Xiaomi design unboxing innovation packaging

Relive the unboxing experience

As a group that started its business online and knew that this was where users mainly interacted with the brand, Xiaomi knew that the unboxing experience had a huge impact on its vision of the company as a brand, but also the perception of its products.

As a result, he saw packaging as a way to start a conversation with consumers and convey that it is not just a technology brand, but also a lifestyle. Emphasizing its high-quality logistics and tightening the packaging requirements for online sales, Xiaomi has committed itself to a process of continuous refinement of packaging details and attention to every detail of the manufacturing process.

With a user-centric approach, Xiaomi has perfected its packaging design over time to provide a superior product experience that starts with delivering an excellent unboxing experience.

Xiaomi design unboxing innovation packaging

Xiaomi now has a third-generation design

Now Xiaomi has a third-generation design consisting of a compact box in which harmony with the brand's devices is prioritized, which stand out for their elegant and simple design and minimalist style that gives them a subtle and discreet appearance.

To show the product more clearly, most AloT packaging is white. The final design combines the smartphone and accessories into one, with one tray instead of two, and places the accessories in the phone holder for a simpler internal structure.

The box has also been made thinner by reducing the height of its wall to the same as the charger and a small handle has been added to improve the unpacking experience and ensure the integrity of the box. The result at the time was a simpler, thinner and lighter Mi 3 package.

Xiaomi design unboxing innovation packaging

Application of environmentally friendly practices

In line with the growing global trend to adopt environmentally friendly practices, Xiaomi, as a pioneering technology brand, is committed to adopting sustainable solutions.

The brand promotes that, although it still relies on plastic for the internal support of its packaging, it is actively exploring paper solutions that can be a viable alternative and that do not compromise the integrity of the products.

He also remembers the packaging designs he introduced to the market three years ago (One Paper Box and the 2R plan).

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