Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 8 already has an arrival date and does not appear alone

There has been a lot of talk about Xiaomi’s new Mi Band 8. It is the brand’s most anticipated smart band, which renews all the features we are used to and will also bring important news. This novelty now has a presentation date and will not arrive alone.

There were several times when Xiaomi was ready to reveal the new Mi Band 8. It was prepared to replace the regular model, with new arguments that will put it back at the top of user preferences.

Now much more has been revealed and it looks like this new proposal finally has a submission date. This should happen next week, at an event that Xiaomi seems to have reserved to reveal more branded products. This one will take place in China and will be the exponent of the brand for the time being.

In this event, which will take place on the 18th at 12:00, Xiaomi is preparing to present (at least) 3 products. We are talking about the Mi Band 8, the new Pad 6 and the long-awaited Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the brand's new smartphone.

Something that immediately stands out about the new Mi Band 8 is that it will retain its screen format, which has been a classic. This naturally brings visual changes, especially in the tire, which is now differentiated according to the model chosen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pad 6 event screen

The first images highlight the bracelets with two colors and two types of grip for the band. In both cases it is quite different from that found in previous generations. It is yet to be clarified that a Pro version will be launched at this same event.

As for the Xiaomi Pad 6, there is not much difference compared to what we already have in the current model. We are talking about a screen with minimal bezels and that should be the standard. What stands out is a new camera module that has a renewed and optimized format.

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