Zero VAT will come into effect today. Everything you need to know in five points

Oh The diploma that exempts 46 foods from VAT was published last week in the Diário da República, and will enter into force on Tuesday, April 18. It will be valid for half a year.

1. What is all this?

At issue is a law that “provides for the temporary use of a Exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT). and the right to discount (zero rate) on foods that are in the basic health basket, such as specifically and temporarily in response to the dramatic increase in food prices“, says the diploma text.

2. What are the items on this list?

The list of foods that will be exempt from VAT – following a tripartite agreement signed between the Government and the food manufacturing and distribution sectors – includes fresh, cold and dried vegetables, meat and fish, as well as rice and pasta, cheese and yogurt and fruits such as apples, pears, oranges, bananas and melons, among others..

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3. Distribution has at least two weeks to change prices

Distribution has 15 days, from Friday, 14, to it reflects in prices the reduction of VAT to 0% for the food group defined by the law. This deadline, remember, was revealed by the Prime Minister, António Costa, when the measure was announced, on March 27.

4. How long will the test take?

The diploma – which was announced by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, last week, after being approved by the Parliament on the 6th – It is valid until October 31 this year.

5. How much can you save with zero VAT?

DECO Proteste calculations show that the Portuguese can save around eight euros by buying a basket with more than 40 items:

“In the basket of 63 essential foods that DECO Proteste has been monitoring for more than a year, 41 foods are included that are now required to be exempt from VAT. DECO Proteste estimated the removal of VAT on registered prices on April 5 and concluded that savings are close. and 7.79 euros. With VAT, this set of 41 items costs 137.55 euros.

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